Professional Growth

  • Being a Preceptor

    The professional growth course provides caregivers with the definition of a preceptor and describes the qualities it takes to be a good preceptor.


  • Being Assertive

    This course includes information about passive, aggressive and assertive communication, how to be assertive with difficult people and the rights and responsibilities of assertive communication.


  • Building Trust and Confidence

    This lesson provides information on establishing a therapeutic relationship, using boundaries to enhance trust, and communicating to build trust.


  • Caring Qualities of a CNA

    This inservice is a great review of what it takes to be a top-notch caregiver.


  • CNAs on the Job

    This Professional Growth module explores how nursing assistants can grow and evolve in their profession.


  • Conflict in the Workplace

    A discussion of how disagreements and conflicts happen at work and ways in which they can be resolved!


  • Critical Thinking Skills

    This inservice includes tips on how to think more creatively and critically, use better judgment, ask probing and pertinent questions to clarify information, explore new ideas and expose themselves to new concepts.


  • Customer Service in Healthcare

    This course contains basic information on healthcare customer service, including the definition of “customer,” the importance of first impressions, and the benefits of striving for excellence.


  • Dealing with the Bully at Work

    This module provides caregivers with a review of bullying in the healthcare environment–including what it is, who is doing it, and what they can do to make it stop!


  • Delivering & Documenting Cost Efficient Client Care

    A timely topic for today’s economy, this inservice provides practical tips for how caregivers can save money throughout their daily client care.


  • Discover Your Flair for Excellent Client Care

    This module teaches aides how to play the role of an excellent caregiver using genuineness, empathy, kindness, and creativity!


  • Enhancing Attention to Detail

    This course serves as a review of how pay attention to and document all the details of their clients health and the care they gave.



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