Hospital Favorites

  • A Vital Signs Update

    This inservice provides a review of the four basic vital signs… temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure.


  • An Infection Control Update

    This essential module provides caregivers with an overview of how infections are spread and the role that handwashing and PPE play in infection control.


  • Critical Thinking Skills

    This inservice includes tips on how to think more creatively and critically, use better judgment, ask probing and pertinent questions to clarify information, explore new ideas and expose themselves to new concepts.


  • Dealing with the Bully at Work

    This module provides caregivers with a review of bullying in the healthcare environment–including what it is, who is doing it, and what they can do to make it stop!


  • Drug Resistant Bacteria

    A review of drug- resistant bacteria (such as MRSA and VRE), including the causes, symptoms and treatments for these infectious diseases.


  • Enhancing Attention to Detail

    This course serves as a review of how pay attention to and document all the details of their clients health and the care they gave.


  • Fluid and Electrolytes Made Easy

    An overview for caregivers of fluid and electrolyte fundamentals, including a description of the most vital electrolytes and their role in keeping the body in balance.


  • Handwashing

    This course provides an overview of the importance of handwashing, with lots of interesting facts and tips about handwashing.


  • Performing Safe Transfers

    This course provides important information about basic body mechanics, transfer techniques, and the nine steps for safe lifting.


  • Preventing Medical Errors

    This course includes information on types of medical errors, the factors that contribute to mistakes and how caregivers can take an active role in reducing medical errors on the job.


  • Recognizing & Reporting Abnormal Observations

    This course focuses on observing vital signs, pain, mental status, nutrition, elimination, skin and family relationships–and how to recognize abnormal findings.


  • The CNA/Nurse Relationship

    This course provides caregivers with insight into the relationship between nurses and CNAs.



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