In-Service Trainings

  • The Care Planning Process

    An overview of the care planning process including the purpose of a care plan and the “anatomy” of a care plan.


  • The CNA/Nurse Relationship

    This course provides caregivers with insight into the relationship between nurses and CNAs.


  • The Effects of Smoking

    This inservice discusses the negative effects that smoking has on the body – from mild side-effects to smoking-related diseases.


  • The Five Domains of Pain

    A lesson on the five domains of pain and how caregivers can help clients who may be experiencing them.


  • The Normal Aging Process

    This inservice outlines (by body system) the normal changes that come with aging.


  • The Role of Animals in Healing

    A lesson on Animal Assisted Therapy and the caregivers’ role in assisting with these services.


  • The Role of Humor in Healing

    This inservice defines therapeutic humor and discusses the use of humor to promote healing.


  • The Role of the Caregiver

    An overview of the many reasons why clients may be non-compliant with their plans of care. Includes information on eight …


  • The Survey Process

    This course provides caregivers with a general overview of state and private accreditation surveys (such as Joint Commission).


  • Time Management Skills

    A review on how to stay organized, reduce stress, and accomplish more!


  • Toileting Tips

    This inservice offers a reminder of how important elimination is to health and well being.


  • Transportation Safety

    An overview of transportations safety. Includes how to keep clients safe, avoid common distractions, respond to emergencies, and keep a well-maintained car.



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