In-Service Trainings

  • Safe Environments for People Living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Thie course discusses fall prevention, using assistive devices to promote safety, preventing elopement and alternatives to restraints, and more.


  • Sexual Harassment

    An up-to-date overview of sexual harassment including the definition of sexual harassment, who it affects and types of sexual harassment.


  • Special Communication Needs

    This important topic deals with the most common special communication needs, including problems that arise from sensory issues, stroke, dementia and language differences.


  • Standard Precautions

    This OSHA mandatory topic explains the “chain of infection” and how caregivers can break the chain to prevent infections.


  • Stress Management Skills

    This module will help your caregivers learn how to manage stress through four steps: Awareness, Acceptance, Coping, and Action.


  • Summer Safety Tips

    This inservice gives an overview of heat-related illnesses, including heat rash, heat edema, heat syncope, heat exhaustion and more.


  • Supporting and Guiding Individuals through Dementia-Related Behaviors

    This course helps caregivers understand common dementia-related behaviors and triggers.


  • Supporting Your Client’s Self-Esteem

    This course serves as a review of how self-esteem is lost and how caregivers can help their clients get it back.


  • Taking Care of Your Back

    This module gives caregivers a review of spinal anatomy and explains why healthcare workers are at high risk for back injuries.


  • Talking About Death

    This inservice includes basic information about death and the grief process, the importance of listening and tips on verbal non-verbal communication with dying clients and their families.


  • The Attitudes & Behaviors of Being a Professional

    A review of the Attitudes and Behaviors it takes to be a professional.


  • The Basics of Medication Administration

    This course provides a general overview of the basic principles and procedures of medication administration.



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