The Attitudes & Behaviors of Being a Professional


A review of the Attitudes and Behaviors it takes to be a professional.

Being a professional is more than just having an education, some experience, and a regular paycheck. People are professionals–in any field–when they have specific attitudes and behaviors–such as self-respect, respect for others, accountability, reliability, and integrity. This course serves as a review of these attitudes and behaviors and how your caregivers can put them into action during their daily work.

  • Discuss the attitudes and behaviors necessary for being a professional.
  • Outline the standard professional dress code for all caregivers.
  • List at least 3 ways they can show respect for their clients and their clients’ families.
  • Identify the behaviors that indicate when a person has accountability, reliability, and integrity.
  • Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors in their daily work with clients, their clients’ families, their co-workers, and their supervisor.

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