• All About OSHA

    This course explains the importance of OSHA in the healthcare workplace.


  • An Infection Control Update

    This essential module provides caregivers with an overview of how infections are spread and the role that handwashing and PPE play in infection control.


  • An Overview of the Human Body

    This excellent inservice gives your caregivers a view of the body and its systems.


  • Basic First Aid Tips

    An overview of basic first aid including how to react to and handle emergency situations.


  • Basic Nutrition & Hydration

    This excellent inservice provides your caregivers with an oveview of all the basics of nutrition and hydration.


  • Bathing Tips

    This course provides many practical tips to help improve the provision, safety and documentation of personal care.


  • Battling Covid-19 in 2022

    An overview of coronavirus and COVID-19. Includes tips on recognizing signs and symptoms and keeping everyone safe.


  • Being a Preceptor

    The professional growth course provides caregivers with the definition of a preceptor and describes the qualities it takes to be a good preceptor.


  • Being Assertive

    This course includes information about passive, aggressive and assertive communication, how to be assertive with difficult people and the rights and responsibilities of assertive communication.


  • Beyond the Bathtub (Bathing Alternatives)

    This inservice reviews alternative approaches to bathing–including how to create a bathing routine that is client-centered and aggreable to clients and caregivers alike!


  • Bill of Rights

    This lesson provides an update on the rights of healthcare consumers and how the Bill of Rights varies in different healthcare settings.


  • Bloodborne Pathogens

    An in-depth look at the three most common bloodborne pathogens—Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.



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