• 2021 Medication Training Bundle

    Bundle and save these three topics to create a comprehensive learning experience for caregivers who help clients with self-administered medications.


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  • All About OSHA

    This course explains the importance of OSHA in the healthcare workplace.


  • Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of the chemical hazard Right to Know law and the Globally Harmonized System for hazard communication.


  • Client Safety Tips

    This module provides an overview of client safety for both facilities and home care.


  • Disaster Planning

    This important topic focuses on the most common types of natural disasters including fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter weather and earthquakes.


  • Fire Prevention & Safety

    This course includes important information about fire safety–whether caregivers work in a facility or in a client’s home.


  • Helping Clients with Medication Reminders

    This course provides an overview of the caregiver’s role in providing medication reminders for clients who take self-administered medications at home.


  • Helping Prevent Client Elopement

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of client elopement.


  • Home Care Safety Tips

    This course is filled with tip after tip for keeping both clients and caregivers safe in the home environment.


  • How to Recognize & Report Human Trafficking

    An overview of human trafficking. Includes how to spot it, how to help someone who may be in trouble, and how to avoid a situation like this from happening to you.


  • Mechanical Lift Use & Safety

    This course reviews proper body mechanics and explains why they aren’t enough to prevent back injuries.


  • Oxygen Safety for Caregivers

    This lesson provides caregivers with a description of oxygen therapy and which clients may need it.



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