Hospice Favorites

  • Caring for Bedbound Clients

    An overview of the dangers of immobility and how CNAs can improve the quality of life in their bedbound clients.


  • End of Life Care

    In this course, caregivers will review the dying process, how to recognize symptoms that signal death is near, how to provide comfort for dying clients and their families and how to care for the body once death has occurred.


  • Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

    This course reviews the basic concepts of ethics in health care.


  • Grieving With and For Your Clients

    This inservice gives caregivers the knowledge and tools they need to deal with grief.


  • Maintaining Your Clients’ Dignity

    This course provides caregivers with simple A, B, C, and D guildelines to help maintain their clients’ dignity.


  • Oxygen Safety for Caregivers

    This lesson provides caregivers with a description of oxygen therapy and which clients may need it.


  • Talking About Death

    This inservice includes basic information about death and the grief process, the importance of listening and tips on verbal non-verbal communication with dying clients and their families.


  • The Five Domains of Pain

    A lesson on the five domains of pain and how caregivers can help clients who may be experiencing them.


  • Understanding Advance Directives

    An inservice for caregivers that covers advance directives including definitions, legal and moral aspects and the relationship of advance directives to patient rights.


  • Understanding Basic Human Needs

    An overview of basic human needs–and what caregivers can do to help your clients meet these basic requirements.


  • Understanding Hospice

    This topic includes a description of the services provided by most hospice programs and tips for how caregivers can help hospice patients regardless of the hospice location.


  • Understanding Palliative Care

    This course provides an overview of palliative care, including the six components of palliative care.



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