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  • Client-Centered Care

    After studying this module, your caregivers will be able to define client-centered care; integrate their clients’ personal preferences into …


  • Customer Service in Healthcare

    This course contains basic information on healthcare customer service, including the definition of “customer,” the importance of first impressions, and the benefits of striving for excellence.


  • Dealing with Family Members

    This course discusses how a family’s history impacts how they deal with a loved one’s illness.


  • Disaster Planning

    This important topic focuses on the most common types of natural disasters including fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter weather and earthquakes.


  • Discover Your Flair for Excellent Client Care

    This module teaches aides how to play the role of an excellent caregiver using genuineness, empathy, kindness, and creativity!


  • Feeding Your Clients

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of the GI tract and the swallowing process.


  • Handling Incontinence of the Bowel and Bladder

    A review of incontinence and how caregivers can help care for the clients who suffer from it.


  • Helping Clients with Mobility

    This inservice stresses the importance of mobility for all clients and discusses the factors that can lead to a loss of mobility.


  • Helping Prevent Client Elopement

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of client elopement.


  • Helping with Activities of Daily Living

    This course provides an overview of bathing, oral hygiene, toileting, dressing, grooming, eating and transferring.


  • Recognizing & Reporting Abnormal Observations

    This course focuses on observing vital signs, pain, mental status, nutrition, elimination, skin and family relationships–and how to recognize abnormal findings.


  • Safe Environments for People Living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Thie course discusses fall prevention, using assistive devices to promote safety, preventing elopement and alternatives to restraints, and more.



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