Assisted Living Favorites

  • An Infection Control Update

    This essential module provides caregivers with an overview of how infections are spread and the role that handwashing and PPE play in infection control.


  • Beyond the Bathtub (Bathing Alternatives)

    This inservice reviews alternative approaches to bathing–including how to create a bathing routine that is client-centered and aggreable to clients and caregivers alike!


  • Client-Centered Care

    After studying this module, your caregivers will be able to define client-centered care; integrate their clients’ personal preferences into …


  • Dealing with the Bully at Work

    This module provides caregivers with a review of bullying in the healthcare environment–including what it is, who is doing it, and what they can do to make it stop!


  • Emotional Losses in the Elderly

    This inservice provides caregivers with an overview of the many emotional losses facing people as they age.


  • Feeding Your Clients

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of the GI tract and the swallowing process.


  • Handling Incontinence of the Bowel and Bladder

    A review of incontinence and how caregivers can help care for the clients who suffer from it.


  • Handwashing

    This course provides an overview of the importance of handwashing, with lots of interesting facts and tips about handwashing.


  • Helping New Clients Adjust

    This module addresses the adjustment period faced by clients when they move to a new environment.


  • Performing Safe Transfers

    This course provides important information about basic body mechanics, transfer techniques, and the nine steps for safe lifting.


  • Preventing Pressure Ulcers

    This course provides caregivers with pertinent information about the causes of pressure ulcers and tips for preventing pressure ulcers.


  • Recognizing & Reporting Abnormal Observations

    This course focuses on observing vital signs, pain, mental status, nutrition, elimination, skin and family relationships–and how to recognize abnormal findings.



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