Communication Skills

  • Dealing with Family Members

    This course discusses how a family’s history impacts how they deal with a loved one’s illness.


  • Emotional Losses in the Elderly

    This inservice provides caregivers with an overview of the many emotional losses facing people as they age.


  • Grieving With and For Your Clients

    This inservice gives caregivers the knowledge and tools they need to deal with grief.


  • Handling Complaints

    This module provides caregivers with an overview of how to handle complaints, whether they be from clients, family members, co-workers or supervisors.


  • Helping New Clients Adjust

    This module addresses the adjustment period faced by clients when they move to a new environment.


  • Medical Terminology & Abbreviations

    A review of medical terminology for caregivers and why using it is beneficial to the team.


  • Providing Care for LGBTQ+ Clients

    All clients, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, age, or disability should be treated as human beings who deserve the same kindness, respect, and dignity as anyone else. This course offers a review of the unique healthcare needs of your LGBTQ+ clients.


  • Reporting/Documenting Client Care

    This lesson provides caregivers with a review of the basic principles of client care documentation, including the ethics and legalities involved in documentation.


  • Special Communication Needs

    This important topic deals with the most common special communication needs, including problems that arise from sensory issues, stroke, dementia and language differences.


  • Talking About Death

    This inservice includes basic information about death and the grief process, the importance of listening and tips on verbal non-verbal communication with dying clients and their families.


  • The Survey Process

    This course provides caregivers with a general overview of state and private accreditation surveys (such as Joint Commission).


  • Understanding Cultural Diversity

    A general overview for caregivers of the issue of cultural diversity and how it impacts a caregivers’ interactions with both clients and coworkers.



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