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PDF courses offer your caregivers a newsletter-style format perfect for Instructor-Led Training or Self-Study Learning.

  • This course provides an overview of the nurse delegation process. It includes real-world scenarios intended to encourage critical thinking while assessing one’s own responsibility in the delegation process.

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  • This course provides an overview of the five social determinants of health and indirect discrimination for caregivers.


  • This course provides an overview of palliative care, including the six components of palliative care.


  • Bundle and save these three topics to create a comprehensive learning experience for caregivers who help clients with self-administered medications.


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  • This course provides an overview of the caregiver’s role in providing medication reminders for clients who take self-administered medications at home.


  • An overview of coronavirus and COVID-19. Includes tips on recognizing signs and symptoms and keeping everyone safe.


  • This course helps caregivers understand common dementia-related behaviors and triggers.


  • An overview of the many reasons why clients may be non-compliant with their plans of care. Includes information on eight …


  • An overview of transportations safety. Includes how to keep clients safe, avoid common distractions, respond to emergencies, and keep a well-maintained car.


  • A collection of easy-to-digest snippets of information on all the little things you need to know to find success in your new role as a Home Care Nursing Supervisor.


  • An overview of human trafficking. Includes how to spot it, how to help someone who may be in trouble, and how to avoid a situation like this from happening to you.


  • An in-depth look at the three most common bloodborne pathogens—Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.


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