Understanding Restorative Care


An overview of restorative care including tips for how caregviers can help restore many activities of daily living.

An overview of restorative care including tips for how CNAs and HHAs can help restore: bathing, grooming, and dressing skills; mobility, transfers and walking; eating and drinking skills; toileting and continence; and social relationships. Discusses how to document and report client care in support of a care plan. Provides strategies for motivating independence in their clients.

  • Describe the purpose of restorative care.
  • Promote clients’ efforts toward more independent performance of activities of daily living.
  • Demonstrate proper use of any assistive equipment needed to restore independence in clients.
  • List at least three ways to inspire clients to participate in restorative care.
  • Recognize, document, and report when a care plan change is needed to reflect a new level of functioning.

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