Understanding Hepatitis A & B


A lesson all about hepatitis A & B–including tips on how to help clients keep their livers healthy and virus-free.

A lesson on two of the most common types of hepatitis including information about how Hepatitis A and B are spread, the symptoms of each, and how each is treated. Discusses how caregivers can help prevent the spread of these infectious diseases and how they can help people who already have hepatitis.

  • Discuss the importance of the liver and how it is affected by hepatitis A and B.
  • Name at least six symptoms of hepatitis A & B.
  • Describe how hepatitis A and B differ in the way they spread.
  • Describe at least four ways that you can help your clients cope with hepatitis A or B.
  • Perform infection control procedures in your daily work that help stop the spread of hepatitis A and B.

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