Understanding Commonly Prescribed Diets


An overview of five commonly prescribed diets: low sodium, low fat, diabetic, high fiber and renal diets.

This course provides your caregivers with an overview of five commonly prescribed diets. Includes the purpose of each diet, general guidelines for implementing the diet, how to tell if a client is being compliant and how to help clients follow their prescribed diets. By learning about common therapeutic diets, caregivers will be able to help clients eat the right foods, for the right reasons.

  • Describe the recommendations of the USDA’s My Plate program.
  • Name and discuss the parts of the food nutrition label.
  • Name at least two benefits of each of the following: low sodium diet, low-fat diet, and high fiber diet.
  • Name at least three foods that are controlled or restricted on the renal diet and diabetic diet.
  • Discuss the difference between soft, mechanical, and pureed foods.

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