• Taking Care of Your Back

    This module gives caregivers a review of spinal anatomy and explains why healthcare workers are at high risk for back injuries.


  • Understanding Fall Risk Factors

    An overview of the factors that put clients at risk for falls including age-related factors, medical factors and environmental factors.


  • Understanding Ostomies & Ostomy Care

    This lesson includes information about why a client may have an ostomy, permanent vs. temporary ostomies, and general care of ostomies.


  • Urinary Tract Infections: Your Role in Recognizing, Preventing & Treating UTIs

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of the urinary system; the causes, symptoms and risk factors for UTI; and ways to help a client prevent and treat a UTI.


  • Using Assistive Devices

    This module provides caregivers with an overview of a variety of assistive devices available to improve the quality of life of clients with limitations and/or disabilities.



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