• Client-Centered Care

    After studying this module, your caregivers will be able to define client-centered care; integrate their clients’ personal preferences into …


  • Communicating with Individuals Living with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

    This course provides caregivers with important information about the communication needs of clients with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.


  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

    A review of common forms of complementary & alternative medicine and why these therapies can be helpful.


  • Cooking for Your Clients

    This course includes dozens of practical tips to help caregivers with meal planning, shopping, and cooking for their clients.


  • Dressing and Grooming Tips

    This course provides an overview of a caregivers’ responsibilities in the dressing and grooming process.


  • End of Life Care

    In this course, caregivers will review the dying process, how to recognize symptoms that signal death is near, how to provide comfort for dying clients and their families and how to care for the body once death has occurred.


  • Feeding Your Clients

    This course provides caregivers with an overview of the GI tract and the swallowing process.


  • Fluid and Electrolytes Made Easy

    An overview for caregivers of fluid and electrolyte fundamentals, including a description of the most vital electrolytes and their role in keeping the body in balance.


  • Food Preparation and Safety

    This caregiver lesson focuses on basic food preparation techniques and food safety.


  • Handling Incontinence of the Bowel and Bladder

    A review of incontinence and how caregivers can help care for the clients who suffer from it.


  • Helping Clients who have Chronic Pain

    This course offers caregivers an overview of chronic pain and how it differs from acute pain.


  • Helping Clients with Medication Reminders

    This course provides an overview of the caregiver’s role in providing medication reminders for clients who take self-administered medications at home.



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